Youth Coach



Adolescence is a complicated period for a lot of young people. In addition to hormonal and physical changes, adolescents suddenly also have to deal with social media, study choices, fear of failure, bullying, falling in love, alcohol, etc. These emotions and experiences can sometimes become a bit too much for them to handle. Fortunately, you can assist them as a Youth Coach in this phase of their lives.
During this course you learn what goes on in the mind of adolescents. You help them through confusing or difficult moments and give advice on how to deal with their problems in a better way. This way you ensure that they face the future full of confidence. This course is ideal for teachers, social workers and coaches, but also parents, grandparents or foster families will learn a lot from this study!
What is youth coaching?
Specific coaching techniques
Communicating with young people & youth psychology
The world of adolescents
Hormonal changes & sexuality
The school environment & bullying behavior
What is my role as a coach?
Dealing with ADHD – ADD & HSP – High sensitivity
Dealing with giftedness
Respectfully with your clients
Learn to listen actively
Set up an individual coaching program
Young people with a disability or learning disadvantage
Being able to hold a respectful and open intake interview with a young adult
Being able to effectively identify your client’s problems and provide practical solutions
A complete coaching plan that your client can successfully follow