Web Design



Do you want to design, build, implement and manage customer-friendly websites? Websites that encourage action and ultimately generate more leads and sales? Then the home course Webdesign is perfect for you.
In this training you will be guided online by a professional teacher with years of experience as a web designer. You learn graphic design with CSS and HTML. You combine technical functionalities with user-friendliness and surfing comfort. Naturally attention is also paid to the layout and the costs.
Thanks to the home study Webdesign you learn step by step how to use codes and terms to start a website from the basics – to create and edit. In this way you offer your customers a creative, dynamic and professional design!
Starting as a web designer in main or secondary occupation
Important terms
Building a professional website
Working correctly with HTML and CSS
Creative graphic design with HTML and CSS
Testing the website
Trouble shooting and troubleshooting
Coding and working with HTML and CSS? That no longer holds any secrets for you!
Build a complete website from 0, test and make it problem-free
Easily convert a client’s wishes into a professional and attractive website