Success Coach



Professional success does not fall from the sky. Commercial success is no coincidence. Success requires dedication, effort and perseverance. That is not easy for everyone. Many entrepreneurs lose heart after a setback. They sink and stand even further away from the successful career they dreamedof. Do you want to help these people back on the right path? Do you like to give people direction and confidence again? Then a home study Succescoach is really your thing!
During this training you learn entrepreneurs and employees coaching and advising. You work tailor-made and you supervise each customer personally and professionally. You always look for what your customer really needs: from solutions to challenges. Your expertise gives careers a boost! In this way you lead people to professional or commercial success. That makes your customers happy, confident and optimistic again. You are their key to success. That pays off!
Your future opportunities as a Succescoach
Your role as a coach
Determining your client’s needs
Setting objectives
Success requires good health and lots of energy
Success requires creativity and assertiveness
Dealing with stress and burnouts
A successful first impression
Successful communication, interaction and customer care
Successful posture
Successful sales, meetings, networking, leadership and dealing with criticism
Time management
Start as an independent Succescoach
Set appropriate goals together with your client and work towards those goals
Master different coaching techniques to take your clients to a higher level
Learn to communicate assertively? You know everything about it!
You know the ingredients of success by heart