Study Coach



Every year tens of thousands of new students start. We expect every student to plan, set realistic goals and have a good study method. Often that does not happen automatically and a young person can best use a helping hand. Do you want to be that support? Then the home study study coach is made for you.
After this course you will be able to get rid of thresholds and fear of failure. You provide the handles that increase the confidence of the student. You are a real mentor who motivates students and leads you to the finish line: a diploma! When you say goodbye to a graduate final-year student, another first-year student is ready to address your guidance and expertise. Always work!
Education in Flanders
The adolescent brain
Qualities and obstacles
Learning strategies
Planning and organization
Making choices
Learning difficulties
Dealing with different cultures
Communicating with young people and their parents
The study coach’s professional practice
The Flemish education system no longer holds any secrets for you
Qualities and obstacles, motivation and learning strategies? You know everything about it!
Guide students through times of stress, choices and problems