Relationship Coach



Who thinks about relationship coach, often thinks about love problems. But in life you also enter into other relationships, such as family and work relationships. And then there is the most important thing: the relationship with yourself. If these tires run smoothly, it may be necessary to call in a specialist.
Your customers appeal to you when there are basic needs such as connectedness, autonomy and competence are not satisfied and frustrations arise in the interactions with other people. You help find the underlying reasons so that everyone with a positive feeling can continue.
You teach customers to gain insight into themselves and how they wish to be. functioning in a relationship. This way you help them build a lasting relationship step by step!
What is a relationship coach and what does he / she do?
Does the perfect relationship exist?
What does a session look like?
How do you communicate with your customers?
What needs can you help someone with?
A little bit of psychology
Dealing with frustration, resistance and emotions
How do you help in the need for connectedness?
The relationship with yourself: how do you build it up or strengthen it?
The three basic psychological needs and associated frustrations? You know everything about it!
Dealing with resistance and emotions
Analyzing, building or strengthening relationships in a professional and neutral way