Real Estate Coach



Buying or renting real estate requires a large investment. Are you fascinated by the real estate world and would you like to help buyers and tenants make the right choice? Do you like to search for the perfect match between home and customer? Then this home training is exactly what you are looking for!
During this practice-oriented course you will discover how you assess properties and test them against customer requirements. You always know how to find a dream tulip! You also learn everything about prices and legal provisions. During the purchase or sale of a house you provide customers professional, independent advice. Your expertise reassures! That’s how you make the difference!
Real estate coach is a new profession in Belgium. A market full of opportunities is open to you!
Your options as a professional Real Estate Coach
Real Estate Coach versus Real Estate Agent
Starting as an independent Real Estate Coach
Coaching a buyer: from orientation interview to price negotiation
Coaching to find a rental property
Sample documents
Perfectly assess the wishes of tenants or buyers and provide customized advice
Know what to look for when buying and selling houses or apartments