Everyone knows the word processing program Word.



Everyone knows the word processing program Word. Do you get to know all the possibilities of the program as a beginner? Want to sharpen your skills as an advanced and grow into a true Word expert? Then this home study is what you are looking for!With clear screen examples you learn to use all the basic functions of Word step by step. This is how you become acquainted with text, paragraph, and page layout. When you master these skills, advanced topics are covered. Just think of the use of tables, themes & templates or graphic elements.Both at work and in your private, you already make the most clear documents and professional files. Word has no more secrets for you! Content Features and applications of WordEnter text, select and editOpen a document and save itFormatting, styles and themesParagraph and page layoutColumns and tablesGraphical functionsNumbering and tables of contentsIndexesFormsChecking spelling and grammar Competences You know all the tools and possibilities of the Word program.Prepare professional letters and documents? You know what to do!You edit the text and layout in a jiffy.You can easily add page numbering, columns and tables.