Time Management

Everyone wants to do many things in life.



Everyone wants to do many things in life. The time for that seems far too short. That leads to stress, fatigue and burnouts. The only solution for these problems is efficient & time management. Do you want to organize your life more productively? Do you want to help a growing group of people to better manage their time? Then follow this home course Time Management!During this course you will discover techniques to create more time for yourself, colleagues & clients or customers. You learn to plan effectively, set priorities and avoid wasting time. By improving the quality of life of people you lead companies and organizations to higher returns. That makes you indispensable on the labor market. Register today: time is money! Content Methods of Time ManagementSet prioritiesFormulate goals and prepare a scheduleTake control of your agendaArriving on timeAvoiding time lossHandling e-mails and phone calls efficientlyTime Management within organizations: stakeholders and success factorsStart as an independent Time Management Coach Competences Get a grip on your agenda, appointments, emails, …Create a structured & eacute; n efficient & euml; nte planningAvoid loss of time at all timesCoach clients or colleagues to find a better balance in life