Good marketers are worth gold.



Good marketers are worth gold. They get the most out of images, language and consumer data to optimally highlight a product. Essential for commercial success!Do you have both creative talent and a nose for business? Then this is your chance to launch yourself as a professional marketer.This practice-oriented home course teaches you all about consumer behavior, online advertising, SWOT analysis, … you name it! After the course you can start working directly at the largest advertising companies. Do you want to create something yourself? Use your marketing expertise for your own commercial success! Content What is marketing?Consumer behavior: everything about the customerPossible marketing strategiesThe SWOT analysisPerform a thorough market researchCreate a substantiated marketing planDetermine a realistic marketing budgetThe marketing mix: from product and price to packaging and promotionServices marketing and e-marketingCustomer Relationship ManagementPresenting and advertising onlineStarting as an independent marketer Competences Perform SWOT analysis and in-depth market researchSet up, roll out and assess a professional marketing strategySet up successful marketing campaigns and use appropriate marketing techniques