Make-Up Artist: From Day to Night

Different occasions call for different types of make-up.



Different occasions call for different types of make-up. During the day you?ll want to go for a neat and professional look while a more alluring and enticing appearance might be better for a night out. But how do you get these effects with your make-up? With our Make-Up: Day and Evening Look Course, you?ll learn to give yourself an appropriate look for every occasion.In two hands-on lessons you will learn the fundamentals of well-groomed make-up and how to get your desired look with a couple of quick and simple make-up methods. Step by step, you will learn how to work with mascara, eyeliner, fond de teint, etc. and you will be taught by an experienced makeup artist who will walk you through the latest trends and techniques of 2020.Thanks to this training, you?ll be confident when taking your first professional steps in the field of beauty and fashion. Content How do I apply make-up in a professional way?How do you choose the right style for every occasion?The right make-up products and materialsCamouflage: correct small facial flaws with the right techniquesThe essentials for looking radiant every dayHow do I cleanse my skin in the evening?How do I get started as a make-up artist? Competences Correctly use simple and fast make-up techniques tailored to different occasions/eventsKnow your way around different make-up productsUse the right materials for your skinCleanse and care for your skin to let it restGet your feet wet in the professional beauty worldFind clients, make them sparkle and keep them coming back for more