French (Intermediate)

You?ve been achieving amazing results.



You?ve been achieving amazing results. You know some French. You can introduce yourself and have basic conversations. You?ve awakened your love for this beautiful language. And you want to learn more of it.Welcome to Intermediate French! During this home course, you?ll expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, and master more complex aspects of the language. You?ll be able to easily watch movies and read books in French, as well as more fluently express yourself.Take the next step! Sign up today, and keep growing. Content Expressing yourselfGiving and receiving directionsTravel: travel agency and hotelsAt the office: business French!Happy holidays; the French versionPlaces of residenceInvoices and paymentsHealthReport problems and complaintsGrammar handbookListening material Competences Expand and improve your basic French knowledgeSpeak French at A2-B1 level