French (Advanced)

You?re a good French speaker.



You?re a good French speaker. You?re familiar with the complexities of the language and can easily watch French movies and read books. It?s time for your final step toward becoming a true expert.It?s time for Advanced French!This home course will give you an even deeper understanding of the language. You?ll be able to read and prepare in-depth articles and reports. You?ll find you can confidently participate in complex conversations with natives, and can easily and spontaneously express yourself.Completing this course will grant you a B1-B2 French level according to the European reference framework. Sign up and get your diploma today! Content Talking about your vacations and travelsTalking about others, descriptions, etc.Describing my homeLooking for work: your CV and cover letterExplain a problemTalk about your culture, your childhood, the pastFuture plans, formulate your ideasA write letter… Competences Error-free French writing and readingSpeak perfect French? You can do it!Express yourself correctly in French in various situations, both professional and private