Cupcake Baking

Cupcakes never go out of fashion.



Cupcakes never go out of fashion.Coffee shops, bakeries and candy stores still tempt their customers with this delicious treat. Is there anything better than a tasty cupcake? Imagine being able to bake stunningly delicious cupcakes that no one can resist. Learn to successfully combine flavors and beautiful decoration to create amazing pastries.Discover the magic of cupcake baking- sign up now!   Content The world of cupcakesWhat do you need?Ingredients: sugar or sweetener, fats, flour, baking flour, eggsChocolate in or on a cupcakeThe different flavors and colorsVariation in cupcakes Рnumerous recipesThe topping: go wild!Working with marzipan and sugar pasteThe decoration: the cherry on the cupcakeHygiene when bakingStart as an independent cupcake baker Competences Explore the wonderful world of cupcakes and learn to refine your techniqueLearn new recipes, practice them at home and experiment with unique flavor combinationsLearn how to make beautiful decorations