Everyone?s online these days.



Everyone?s online these days. Just by opening your browser, you can find guides, recipes, discussions- and blogs. Humanity always looks to the future, and the future lies with digital media. We get our news online. We read about other people?s thoughts and experiences online.It?s a world of digital consumers. And in it, we believe you have what it takes to be a creator.What will this course teach me?In ?On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft?, Stephen King says that every good writer should create their own (metaphorical) toolbox and fill it with tools of the trade.We know you have the creativity. We know you have the passion. Let us give you the tools.During this Blogging course, you?ll learn how to actively engage your readers. You?ll cover a variety of ways to increase and retain your follower base. We?ll teach you to optimize your blog and content and make a profit through your writing.Who is this best suited for?Aspiring content creators;Creative souls looking to make a profit;People who?d like to share their fun life with an audience;Specialists in their field willing to impart knowledge to others;Bloggers and writers looking to hone their skills;Anyone looking to perfect their writing craftWhether you?re just starting, or are an experienced blogger looking to expand your horizons, this course is designed to guide you to success. Sign up now, and write a better future for yourself! Content Blogging and columns: an introductionThe content of your blogBlog tipsColumns: an introductionBlogging and legal aspects Competences Creating a successful blogWriting alluring contentUsing social media to gain more followersImproving your blog's search engine rankingWork with basic web design softwareMaking your blog profitable