Does an image tell you more than a thousand words? People love photos, images, and visualizations. Photoshop is pretty much the most used image editing program in the world. Knowledge of this is a huge asset in the labor market, certainly in graphic or commercial functions. With this home course you get to know Photoshop through and through!
The course goes through all important tools of Photoshop. Advanced techniques such as photo retouch are also covered. That way you will be able to design beautiful flyers, brochures and catalogs quickly. Even personal photos turn you into real pictures!
After this training, no graphic assignment is too much for you! Optimizing and transforming images is child play for you.
The installation of Adobe Photoshop
Introduction to the interface
The basics of image editing
Color settings
Basic and lens corrections
Retouching, editing, sharpening and cropping
Working with layers and masks
Working with text
Starting as a stand-alone Photoshop expert
Expert use of the various Photoshop tools
Professional retouching, editing and optimization of photos
Transforming the wishes of a customer into a creative and surprising concept