Personal Coach



Do you have what it takes to lead people to a sportier and healthier life? Thinking about turning passion into profession and taking the leap towards a job as a Personal coach? In our Personal training course you’ll learn all about coaching, advising and motivating clients to get where they want in life.
In 12 lessons you’ll study and practice the complete personal training process: from client analysis and setting targets to achieving goals and maintaining a new lifestyle. Step by step you’ll discover the right techniques to prepare workouts, nutritional schedules, tracking progress, etc. You’re ultimate goal is always the same: make clients rise above themselves. You’ll also develop a strong insight in human anatomy.
In short, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get people in the best shape of their lives. After this course you’ll be a personal training powerhouse that gets any client in peak condition. Sign up now and start learning!
Your future possibilities as a Personal coach
The workings of the body in motion
Endurance, muscle strength and flexibility
Energy consumption and workout standards
Condition, strength, speed and coordination
Different types of training
Drawing up individual training schedules
Preventing injuries
Nutritional guidelines for athletes
The use of professional equipment
Starting out as an independent Personal coach
Finding clients
Analyze your clients’ physical condition and determine realistic and justified goals
Adjust your clients’ expectations to realistic and attainable targets if necessary
Create a customized personal training plan and adjust it throughout the training process
Give professional nutritional advice based on your clients goals
Build up your clients’ overall endurance
Track progress on regular and appropriate intervals
Get the most out of your clients’ workouts and push them to regular progress
Motivate dicouraged clients and get them back on track
Stress success experiences and acknowledge your clients’ progress