Personal Coach



Do you want to lead people to a sportier and healthier life? As a personal coach advise and motivate you both athletes, hobby athletes and people who want to live a healthier life in a personalized way. You ensure that they achieve their goals and rise above themselves. You have the know-how to push them just that little bit further a little further!
With this home course you discover how to formulate concrete goals together with clients and step works step by step. You learn to draw up nutrition and training schedules, adjust targets and assess results. The human anatomy is also extensively discussed, so that you know perfectly who needs which exercises.
Thanks to your all-embracing expertise customers get in absolute top form!
Your target groups as personal coach
Physical activity and health
Anatomy and physiology of the moving body
Drawing up individual training plans
Developing personalized diet plans
The personal coach as a psychologist
Functional training techniques
Stress reduction, slimming and muscle building
Starting as an independent personal trainer
Conduct an intake interview where you perfectly adjust the clients expectations to the physical possibilities
Draw up, adjust and assess a personal customized training plan
Appropriate nutritional advice, focused Provide feedback and psychological support to customers