Imagine it. You blow people’s minds with your amazing designs. Your clients list is full. Your profits are booming.
You’re the top nail technician in town.
Let’s make that happen, shall we? This home course uses a practical approach to teach you everything you’ll need to succeed in the prosperous world of Foot Care. You’ll be sculpting durable nails and creating stunning designs on them in no time. We’ll teach you about foot massage and general treatment, turning you into a reliable foot care expert. You’ll also find out how to grow your business- after all, you want to share your talent with more people, right?
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Pathology and human anatomy
Pathology and function of the foot
Anatomy of the foot
Muscles, joints, skin and nails
Shoe knowledge
Blueprints and interpretation
Treatment and best practices
Entrepreneurial skills
Starting and setting up a practice
Knowledge of best practices and equipment ensures your clients keep coming back
Ability to recognize skin defects, nail problems and inflammations means you can confidently handle any situation
You know how to successfully start and develop your own salon