Nail Stylist



Beautiful, trendy and well-groomed nails are the calling card of the modern and professional woman. It always exudes class. Do you want to make the newest trends yourself and offer it to your customers? Then this home course is for you!
You learn step by step and under the guidance of an experienced nail technician how to your customers professional manicure and puts perfect nails. From a subtle baby tree that looks great on everyone to colorful and striking creations after this course you have everything under control. Nails will become the silver screen on which you put art!
Register and get started right away. Practice on friends or family, and be amazed by the result!
The manicure: filing, soaking, care
The technique of lacquering
The gel technique: the preparation
Choice of tip adjusted to the nail / the wishes of the client
Stick, cut and file the desired tip
Different forms of artificial nails
The French Manicure
Working with shapes and templates
Use of color gel
The filling treatment
Removing gel nails
Recognizing nail problems and abnormalities
Working with professional products
Professionalism in the work environment
Make your customers shine with beautiful, professionally placed gel nails
Update gel nails correctly to make them look brand new
Remove gel nails correctly and restore the original nail