Mobile Marketing



A sophisticated marketing strategy is one of the pillars within every organization. But where consumers used to make physical purchases, this is now shifting rapidly to the internet. E-commerce and Mobile Marketing are therefore a booming business. The advantage: you can reach your customers anyplace, anywhere and anytime!
With the home course Mobile Marketing you learn to promote a product from different angles. After conducting a market analysis, where you learn about the needs of your target groups, you will develop a mobile strategy to sell your products. This home study is ideal for any marketing talent looking for an extra skill.
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The mobile consumer
Business models
The mobile marketing step-by-step plan
Target group analysis and mobile research
Determine mobile goals
Mobile presence
Mobile funnel management
Determine mobile tactics
Mobile advertising and campaign
M-commerce and m -payment
Mobile Analytics
Start as a stand-alone Mobile Marketer
Develop and implement a professional mobile marketing strategy
Set up different mobile campaigns and reach specific audiences
Process, interpret and use the results of these campaigns in subsequent campaigns
You know how to get started as an independent mobile marketer
Finding the first customers is no problem for you!