Job Coach



Do you dream of guiding people towards their dream job? As a job coach you have a special grateful and varied job. More and more people are hiring a job coach to successfully apply. They are happy to be guided with drawing up their CV and motivation letter or with the right job choice.
You will find out which competencies people have in their march. You teach them how to fully use their strengths during an application. Even those who are looking for a new job themselves will learn a lot of useful tips thanks to this training. You will find out where you will find interesting vacancies and what to look for during a job interview.
This is how you learn to apply successfully and you have within your dream job in no time!
Your future opportunities after this course
Techniques to apply in business
Learn how to apply successfully
Start as an independent job coach or in an HR company
The benefits and pitfalls of the internet
Using blogs and social networks to your advantage
Efficient networks: knowing the right people
The importance of job ads
The do’s and don’ts of the cover letter
Prepare a professional resume
Prepare the interview
Convince with your clothing and body language
Tips to prevent stress and nerves
Actively participate in the conversation
Answering difficult questions
A start and finish conversation
Follow up your application
Your rights as a job seeker
Learn to network successfully to make connections
Help your clients prepare a professional resume and prepare them for the job interview
Learn to answer difficult questions and stress prevent / control