As an aspiring Graphic Designer, you’re eager to learn. You want to succeed.
We know you can do it. As long as you have the right tools.
Introducing the Adobe InDesign home course!
During this home course, you’ll master the most valuable tool a Graphic Designer can have. You’ll learn to create amazing layouts and put together sensational media prints. Whether you’d like to master physical print or digital project creation, Adobe InDesign is the ultimate tool for you.
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The most important buttons and tools
Creative layout
Designing flyers, posters and magazines
Professional printing applications
Format margins and columns
Add, duplicate, and number pages
Work with text and text frames
Add and edit images and objects
Layers, groups, colors and borders
Prepare files for printing
Developing sleek and user-friendly print design
Mastering the main tools of InDesign
Designing beautiful brochures
Creating enchanting brochures
Create attention-grabbing posters