Illustrating Children's Books



Do you dream of publishing your own children’s book? Do you have a lot of ideas and inspiration, but don’t know how to get started? Then this home course sets you up perfectly.
In a children’s book, a story is often accompanied by imaginative drawings. Illustrations are therefore regarded as a valuable addition to a story. The combination of your imagination and drawing style with the various learned techniques makes you a masterful illustrator. Be sure to go for your own style! Your drawing skills and creativity is your business card for assignments from publishers and writers.
Thanks to this course, your drawings say more than a thousand words!
Evolution of the picture book
Types of children’s books
Information from perception
From perception to imagination
Color theory
From idea to illustration
Get out and about
Turn your ideas into exciting illustrations
Illustrate for different types of children’s books
Learn how to draw, learn color and use composition. You know everything about it!
Sell your work professionally