Florist: Wedding Bouquets



A wedding is not complete without flowers. They brighten up the environment with their scents and colors. They honor the couple on the most beautiful day of their life, both literally and figuratively!
But how do you make the most beautiful flower combinations? How do you ensure that female guests fight over the bridal bouquet? How do you make a wedding not only the most beautiful day for the bridal couple, but also of the guests? You can get started with this Bridal Workshop course!
The course focuses primarily on florists, but also people with a passion for flower arranging can also participate and learn a lot! Please note: Before starting this course, a basic knowledge of flower arranging is required.
Your future possibilities as a florist
Start your own flower shop
Wedding bouquets and boutonniere
The hand-bound bridal bouquet
The bouquet holder (oasis bridy)
The corded bridal bouquet
Alternatives to bridal bouquet
Suite or bridal procession
Flower decorations on bridal carriage
Church decoration and party hall decoration
Create impressive bridal bouquets and boutonniere
Create a hand-tied or corded bridal bouquet? You can do it all!
Appropriate flower decorations for the wedding carriage, in the banquet hall and in the church