Facial Treatment



Would you like to learn how to professionally treat someone’s face with the right products? Can’t wait to discover the latest techniques in beauty care? Then this practical training is exactly what you are looking for.
During the Facial Care course, skilled professionals will teach you how to use different cosmetic and natural care products. You’ll discover how the skin and the face are built up and will get to know different skin problems and their treatment. Finally you’ll learn to perform facial massages and apply masks to relax the skin and facial muscles. This way you’ll make people sparkle again from nose to ears!
Sign up now and lay the foundations for a career in beauty care.
the building blocks of a relaxing facial treatment
long term facial care
different face types?
finding your way in the world of facial care
materials and products
keeping up to date with the latest new techniques in beauty care
dry skin, greasy skin, young skin, older skin, … For every skin type you can choose the best treatment
use the right cream and the right care product
work with a range of products and materials
give professional facial massages
apply facial masks
let your sldkhlsdgh clients shine!