Enneagram Coaching



Why do other people live so differently than you do? An Enneagram or personality model based on 9 types can provide an answer. Positive and negative traits, depending on your passions, social role, character, views and insights are highlighted.
Thanks to the Enneagram you get a better understanding of your own behavior and that of others. As a Coach, you learn to guide clients by determining their personality type and by teaching them how they relate to others. This way they get a better insight into the motives of others and they can interact better with each other. This is a useful course, both for individual clients and for corporate environments, with an added value to resolve or prevent conflicts!
What is the Enneagram? – The circle, the triangle and the hexagram
The nine Personality types
The advantages and disadvantages of each type
Mutual relationships between the different types
Use the Enneagram in coaching
Teach your client to apply the Enneagram
Create different types of trajectories
The added value of the Enneagram in an enterprise environment
Better communication using the Enneagram
Being able to analyze your client using the Enneagram
Being able to efficiently explain the 9 types to your clients
Being able to use the Enneagram in conflicts