Dog Coach



You’re here because you love dogs. Of course you do- they’re our best friends.
But do you know why dogs misbehave?
The cause is usually a communication issue. That’s why it’s important to learn to successfully communicate with your dog.
During this Dog Coach home course, you’ll gain a great understanding of your four-legged friend. You’ll learn to notice and recognize different behavioral problems. We’ll also give you the skills to effectively address and treat them.
Find out the hidden truths about dog behavior – sign up now!
Influencing dog relationships
Recognizing problem behavior
Training versus education
Instinct, behavior and drift
Rules for raising your dog
Nutrition’s effect on behavior
Stress and calming techniques
Dominance & aggression
Methods for solving problems
Dog coach and client
Start as an independent Dog Coach
Being able to recognize and address problem behavior makes you a sought-after expert
Understanding of different coaching techniques lets you confidently handle every situation
Ability to strengthen the dog-owner bond makes your the ultimate Dog Coach