Coaching Gifted People



About 300,000 people in Belgium are considered highly gifted. Because they are “different”, many of them feel bad and may even develop psychological problems. Difficulties in communicating with others, fear of failure or difficulty functioning in a normal working environment are also often consequences. As a coach you ensure that these unique people can make full use of their talents.
During this practical training you will learn as a coach how to deal with the special way of thinking of gifted people. You learn to accept your clients through custom guidance programs and specific methods such as RET. This training is also useful for teachers or parents with gifted children.
When is someone highly gifted and how is this expressed?
What problems can occur?
What is giftedness coaching?
Specific coaching techniques
IQ, EQ and the mind
What is my role as a Coach?
Burn-Out & Bore-Out
HSP – High Sensitivity
Multiple intelligence
Respectful handling of clients
Learn to listen actively
Set up an individual coaching program
Gifted children
Giftedness in the workplace
Being able to listen and learn to think like a gifted person
Being able to offer an effective solution in the form of an adapted coaching program
Gifted children can thrive in their environments