Child Coaching



Children are under high pressure today. They have to perform well at school, make friends and have a variety of interests. Many children sometimes lack the necessary self-confidence and courage to face these challenges. Do you feel responsible to guide the new generation to make well-informed decisions?
Do you want to help children psychologically conquer the many pitfalls of life? Then this home education is the perfect opportunity to develop your skills as a child coach.
You will master all facets of coaching and child development. You learn to recognize risks of mental health problems and you convince children to take their lives into their own hands. This way you are ready to start as a professional children’s coach!
The pitfalls of coaching
Conscious coaching
The coaching process
The family coach
Family patterns
Human development
Gordon method
Define a professional coaching trajectory with attention to the individual needs and needs of the child
Gain insight into family patterns, family constellations and developmental psychology
Apply the Gordon method
Knowing and applying Piaget’s cognitive theory from A to Z
Recognizing risks of mental problems and responding appropriately
Communicate in a warm and child-friendly way
Boost self-confidence with insecure children
Make children alert and resistant to a negative environment