Chair Massage



Chair massage is an extremely effective form of massage where you help your clients with their complaints while sitting down. Head, neck, shoulder, arm and back problems are dealt with expertly and effectively, without the customer having to go to a massage parlor! Moreover, the result can be felt immediately: your customer is fitter and more energy-rich.
How do you trace problem areas, how do you warm up the area, do you make the muscles flexible and do you stimulate blood circulation? The numerous photos in the course show you exactly which techniques to apply for the best treatment. You can also take the compact massage chair with you wherever you go: at your clients’ offices, or at their homes, so that you too determine your hours.
What is a chair massage?
Necessities and materials
The human anatomy: muscles, joints and skeleton
Basic body massage
The correct position on the treatment chair
Specific techniques for chair massage
Indications and contraindications
A relaxing massage
Targeted muscle massage
How a chair massage works
Your future possibilities
Being able to translate your client’s complaints into treatment in an effective way
Being able to give a professional and targeted chair massage
Being able to apply various techniques for a relaxing or deep-acting massage according to the wishes of your client