Burn-out Coach



A long-term high workload leads to less commitment, less motivation and a negative working environment. This causes various psychological complaints. If these are not treated on time, a burnout will strike!
A burn-out coach recognizes symptoms in a timely manner and tries to prevent further burn-out. As a burn-out coach, you also get to work effectively with clients and help get them back to work with pleasure, as well as guide them to better well-being.
In the ‘Burn-out coach’ course you learn coaching techniques to deal constructively with uncertainty and stress. As a burn-out coach, you teach your customers to regain energy and strengthen their self-confidence. This course is up-to-date with a wealth of practical examples.
What is burn-out?
High sensitivity
Understanding burnout
Understanding your strength
Relaxation exercises
Burn-out and NLP
Close stakeholders and relationship problems
Relapse prevention
Curative and preventive programs
Working as a coach
You master numerous conversation and coaching techniques
G-thinking? you know everything about it
You breathe assertiveness and self-control
You recognize signs of a burnout in a timely manner
You prevent burn-outs through conversation and coaching
You support employees to come back energetically