Body Massage



Imagine giving a loved one an exotic, mind-blowing experience. Imagine helping people relax, relieving their aches and bringing comfort through your magic technique.
A good massage can do all of that, and more. Does that sound intriguing? Then this course is just for you!
As a Body Massage specialist, you’ll be able to relieve pain and ensure relaxation. You will know how to prevent ailments and soothe overworked muscles. It’s an exciting, satisfying path. In addition to basic anatomy, during this course, you’ll learn about different massage techniques. You’ll discover the fascinating secrets of Body Massage.
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Influencing factors in body massage
The right massage positions
The perfect massage: step by step
Finding customers and building a business
Knowledge of different massage techniques means you can guarantee a mind-blowing massage for every situation
Shoulders, knees and toes – stimulate all parts of the body!
Know exactly what someone needs during a massage