Baby Massage



Do you want a healthy, loving and productive way to bond with your baby? Of course you do.
During their earliest days, babies experience a lot of new things. They’re affected by a new world, and they’re completely helpless. Massaging your baby is a way to help its development and prove your unconditional love. You can help it sleep better, fuss less, and not get upset. During this practice-oriented home course you’ll learn to give your baby relaxing, entertaining and caring massages.
Are you a new parent? Or maybe you work with kids- in a daycare or a hospital? Then this course is the ideal opportunity to strengthen the bond with your child or to expand your professional skills as a childcare professional!
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Basic anatomy
The shantala baby massage
Positive effects of baby massage
Parental posture during the massage
Yoga exercises for the baby
Baby’s body language
Crying babies or irritable babies
Starting as a baby massage teacher
Find your first clients
Perform a caring baby massage correctly to completely relax the baby
Recognize and interpret baby signals and body language
Teach people correct massage techniques to relax their baby