Want to learn a new language? There is a immense demand for Arabic-speaking professionals in the Western world, but few language students venture into Arabic. However, the Middle East is increasingly showing itself as a major player in international affairs. That’s why professionals who speak Arabic find jobs in numerous industries: journalism, education, business, foreign affairs, you name it!
Do you see an international career in your future? Are you up for a challenge? Register now for our practical Arabic home course and master this rich Eastern language in no time!
From home and at the best price you can immerse yourself in Arabic pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. After this home course you will be able to speak Arabic fluently with friends, colleagues or neighbors. This course is also a direct ticket to better customer relationships and loyalty for business managers with many customers in the Arab world!
The rich background of the Arabic language
The sound theory and the alphabet
Vocabulary and grammar
Texts and dialogues
At the store, hotel and restaurant
Everyday situations in your private life
Everyday situations in a business atmosphere
Oral and written communication
Business meetings
Introducing Yourself
Visiting a restaurant
Communicate by telephone and email
Informal communication with friends
Professional communication in the workplace